Who We Are

Meet Our Principal Partner/Producer

Jonathon Freeman-Anderson - Principal Partner / Producer

Jonathon Freeman-Anderson is a producer, actor, writer, drummer, stand-up comedian, and DJ. He has worked on various feature films, short films, music videos, television shows, web series, documentaries, and commercials, since 2010. Jonathon also writes and edits entertainment and special event previews, interviews, and reviews for Los Angeles Film and Music Online and the All Access Music Group. In addition, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from California State University Northridge. Having worked both in front of and behind the camera, Jonathon is well-versed in film production.

He has a strong passion for producing art of high quality and high entertainment value. Jonathon has grown a deep love for his local music scene and a passionate drive to help local acts gain larger audiences and exposure. Jonathon has performed with and recorded drums in the desert grunge rock outfits, Dirty Cakes and The Dirty, percussion for the aggressive acoustic rock duo Roses Painted Red, and briefly with the punk outfit White Flag Down, Asopiram, Down on Driver, and Maggot Mother Ship. Dirty Cakes had two top-ten international hits, “Never Alone” and “Luv To See You Naked,” while Jonathon was in the band. As a producer, Jonathon brings energy, compassion, and experience to every project.

Who Is Clear Vision?

Clear Vision is a company that provides solutions for accredited investors and successfully established Entrepreneurs/business owners with entertainment business and real estate deals that need capital to become more profitable to connect through joint venture partnership and profit sharing.
Clear Vision

What Does Clear Vision Do?

We raise capital, fund, create, market, distribute and sell entertainment content globally. Clear Vision provides creators a free space to develop and produce films, TV, music, video games, applications, live concerts, and entertainment technology companies.

We bring together money with successful entrepreneurs and business owners, business plans, and business ideas, whereby the need for capital can grow a company in a joint venture partnership to become a very profitable and successful endeavor.

Clear Vision

Our solution is an AI & tech-integrated entertainment ecosystem, which uses the same methods that our competitors use for profit to give our audience a “Clear Vision,” a clear vision of the product, content vision, and how to spend their money.

Profit is our BI-PRODUCT.

Our business model is simple, and we are democratizing the audience experience and centralizing all revenue streams (subscription is the primary, consistent revenue source, while our value-added revenue streams are the lion’s share of our profit).

We at Clear Vision Entertainment provide creators free space to develop and produce films, music, video games, applications, and live concerts. We believe in providing the best of the best to create high-quality entertainment products.

We’re an Entertainment Company that can and will provide Entertainment Funding, Entertainment Production/Creation, and Marketing and Distribution of the completed/finished product to the Consumer.

Meet Our Partners

Mr. Carlo Joseph

Mr. Joseph is a native of Pompano Beach, Florida and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended the University of Miami, where he was recognized as an All-American Athlete in football and track. He graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. His corporate experience began in real estate with J. Poole & Associates, and the Tom Evans Group, in Coral Gables, Florida. He was a real estate sales assistant in luxury sales over $1 Million from 1999-2001. He helped build over 300 single family homes on PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida. He also worked in financial services for MBNA Corporate Credit Card Division in Boca Raton, Florida, and with Butler, Robinson, & White Corporate Debt Recovery in Tamarac, Florida.

Mr. Joseph continued his passion for athletics and played in the Arena Football League with the Pensacola Barracudas in 2000 and with the Macon Knights in 2001. In 2002, he founded the Next Level All-Sports, a non-profit organization that provided sports camps and activities for inner city youth.

In 2005, Mr. Joseph joined Water Springs Investments, a private real estate consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. As Director of Operations, he was successful at securing capital for multi-million-dollar projects. His interests in financial services and luxury real estate projects combined with his relentless drive for good success led to his entrepreneurial pursuits. In 2006, he started Joseph Investments, Tuxedo Road Investments, and Waterworks Investments, which were are all based in Atlanta, Georgia. Joseph Investments was an angel investor/venture capitalist group that funded start-up companies as well as large businesses. Tuxedo Road Investments and Waterworks Investments specialized in luxury residential and commercial real estate development and management.

Carlo Joseph

In 2011, Mr. Joseph continued his entrepreneurial ventures as Principal and Managing Director of Choice Gold LLC, which was based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Choice Gold LLC provided and specialized in acquisition, development, and monetization of gold mines valued over $50 billion in the US. Mr. Joseph currently serves as Managing Member of Big Equity Ventures LLC, Clear Vision Clear Path Inc., Clear Vision Music LLC. All companies have the strategic mission of raising capital of $10 billion dollars through joint venture partnerships with accredited investors, institutional investors and being a publicly traded companies to acquire very large income producing assets and to invest money into high level income producing projects and entertainment ventures respectively.

Mr. Joseph currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He enjoys reading, movies, traveling, fine dining, and sharing his gifts and talents with others. Mr. Joseph is a family man and enjoys sharing the finer things of life with his two beautiful daughters.

Why Clear Vision?

Simple answers:

A. We help people.

(entrepreneurs, business owners, clients, customers, consumers, writers, agents, lawyers, accountants, accredited investors, institutional investors, brokers/dealers that represent accredited investors, investment bankers that represent accredited investors, financial advisors that represent accredited investors, wealth managers that represent accredited investors, music artists, filmmakers, directors, producers, content providers, radio stations, TV stations, streams, platforms, distribution companies, entertainment technology companies) achieve their goals, vision, mission, dreams and win easily.

Win / Win
Our goals are clear:
*We help accredited and institutional investors make more money by providing investment opportunities with Clear Vision that provide higher returns on their investments in the future.

*We help Entertainment entrepreneurs and companies that require money to grow their businesses by creating quality creative content in Film, TV, Music, Media, Sports, Multimedia, Advertising/Marketing, Videos Games, Distribution, Live Performances tours, Writers, Fashion, and Entertainment Technology.

*We help the community by giving back to charitable organizations in each community.

B. We are in business to be the best.

We will create Win/Win outcomes by providing the best services and solutions:

Serve the best
Create the best
Provide the best
Give our best

#1 in film productions and distribution
#1 in TV productions and distribution
#1 in Music Production and distribution
# 1 in strategic partnerships
# 1 in Entertainment Technology
#1 in streaming creative content
# 1 in Advertising and Marketing
#1 in revenues
# 1 in profitability
# 1 in employer satisfaction
#1 in customer service
#1 in compliance
# 1 in strategic partnership
#1 in charitable giving

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